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From the Eye of a First Responder By Chief Deputy Orvis L. Campbell


NaviGate Prepared is extremely valuable to both schools and law enforcement. However, as a law enforcement official, I have found several key benefits offered by the NaviGate Prepared school safety technology. The following are some of the things that I like most about NaviGate, as well as Lauren Innovations.

  1. NaviGate was designed with a lot of input from first responders. Many companies boast this fact, but with Lauren Innovations, I saw it first-hand as I was honored to play a part in the design of the product.
  2. Lauren Innovations designed NaviGate Prepared to be very easy to view and use. I especially like that first responders can choose what type of information is displayed on the interactive digital floor plan, thus simplifying the view to see exactly what they want to see.
  3. With the innovative design of NaviGate Prepared and its ability to view live cameras (if set up by a specific school), our dispatch center can update responding agencies with live viewing as to what is actively taking place inside a school.
  4. NaviGate Prepared is a great training tool as well. An agency, or even just a specialized unit such as a tactical unit, can use the program to perform a table top exercise as to how they would best respond to a specific school, or section of a school with real data from the school’s floor plan to include utility shut offs, emergency entry points, first aid, hazardous materials, etc.
  5. I like knowing that that information we have for a school, such as school safety plans and contact numbers, are always up to date. Not only are the virtual binders far easier to carry and search, but having them automatically updated by the schools and kept current is invaluable. An emergency is no time to have to hunt for an accurate plan or contact number.
  6. I have never dealt with a company that serves public safety that is so dedicated to keeping a fluid dialog with those it aims to serve. Lauren Innovations has had continuous contact with our office and has been dedicated to improving its programming and service to meet the needs of both schools and first responders.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On Tuesday, Feb. 23, Orvis Campbell will be joining numerous other law enforcement officials and school administrators in Tuscarawas County for a unique, one-of-a-kind “Tuscarawas County Safety Summit,” an event co-hosted by the Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s Office and NaviGate Prepared.

With special guests, Michael Dorn, who is an international authority on school safety and executive director of Safe Havens International and Michele Gay, a mother who lost her 7-year-old daughter in the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook and co-founded Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative, the event is designed to educate and inform K-12 school administrators and first responders of practical ways to improve school safety, available tools and resources to enhance crisis preparedness, and more. The primary goal of the Summit is to help ensure that all parties involved in a potential school crisis are better equipped and prepared, should a crisis occur.

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