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Contributing to safer learning environments.

Enhanced technologies and services to facilitate safe and secure K-12 schools more simply.

We characterize our purpose in three important ways.


We specialize in emergency preparedness and safety for K-12 schools.


Our charter is to make emergency preparedness simple. We strive to help schools readily manage the complexities associated with compliance and other safety initiatives.

Our software is easy to use by everyone who has access. We provide a tool to help staff respond safely and effectively during drills and emergencies.


Our purpose is to provide peace of mind to all who are responsible for keeping children and staff safe. Your staff is prepared should an emergency arise. You are confident our solution works. You are working with a passionate organization driven by continuous improvement in everything we do.

Serving K-12 Educational Environments

The NaviGate Prepared® software system is designed with schools in mind, providing real-time access to emergency situations and facility information. School officials, staff and emergency responders can use the up-to-date information to train, prepare and take action when needed.

Meet the Team

Thom Jones

General Manager

As General Manager my role is two-fold. I oversee the great team people at Lauren Innovations and I focus on the future, putting plans in place for continued growth. Because we are a small company, I’ve maintained my role as sales manager so I get to support the sales team and work directly with customers. As my job entails many different things, no day is the same. I have always enjoyed professional challenges, which my role certainly offers. I believe in a team approach and I am very fortunate to have a great team around me.

School memory: I had the good fortune of serving as my oldest daughter’s middle school principal. The first day of school every year I held grade level meetings. As the students entered the gym, I got a good vibe from them and felt this was going to be a great year. I was prepared to get their attention and announced in a very booming voice, “I want your mouths on me and eyes closed!” I immediately heard giggling from the students and saw looks going toward my daughter, who would have crawled under the bleachers if she could. Needless to say, she didn’t speak to me for about a week.

Matt Mastroine

Director of Development

I oversee the technical development of the NaviGate Prepared software. In addition to programming, developing new code and fixing bugs, I manage projects and work with customers to make their installations just right. I enjoy creating new features for a product that I can see actually making a difference.

School memory: While I don’t have many great memories of my school days, I did go to college my last year of high school and loved it.

Shannon Zaher

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, my job and my passion is to create and share relevant content that is meaningful for school administrators, first responders, associations, parents and others with a stake or interest in school safety. I love putting myself in other people’s shoes to identify what drives them and what pains them. It’s a bonus that the work I enjoy so much also has a positive impact on school safety.

School memory: I loved school and was definitely a teacher’s pet. My best memory is when my gymnastics team came in 2nd in the state. My worst memory is of having my coat put in the boiler room in 3rd grade because our dog was sprayed by a skunk and my coat smelled.

Chris Porter

Business Development Manager

My focus is bridging the gap between what NaviGate Prepared offers and the people that need and use those tools. I meet regularly with schools, associations and first responders, attend tradeshows and am always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our impact. Every day is different in my role, and I enjoy getting to know different people and parts of our country.

School memory: In third grade we had math competitions where we would answer math questions on the chalk board. The first student to write the answer and sit down on the floor won. One time I was trying so hard to win that I split my pants dropping to the floor. I had to hang out in the bathroom while the teacher sewed them back together.

Catherine Finger

Business Development Manager

Dan Hurst

OnSite Field Manager

My job is to schedule and assist in all Onsite Implementations Service duties. This includes installing security software in school districts all over the country. I get deep satisfaction in knowing that what we do at NaviGate Prepared is helping keep children safe.

School memory: Back in my school days, I was the kickball MVP!

Kara German

Customer Success Specialist

My job is helping our customers get the most from their NaviGate system. Day-to-day, this includes training, set-up assistance, quality and accuracy checks and keeping customers current on the latest features (to name a few things). I enjoy the feeling that we’re making a difference for schools and the people we work with. It’s great knowing that we can help take some of the stress off their shoulders and make them feel more confident when it comes to safety.

School memory: My favorite school memories are mostly of playing in the band. Playing music at football games, doing band concerts and parades, getting to watch other bands, going to band practice to learn new music and play with your peers – all of it was amazing.

Trevor Petitte

Customer Success Specialist

As a Customer Success Specialist for NaviGate, I answer phone calls and emails, conduct webinar trainings and drink coffee. I love interacting with my customers and helping them problem solve. Many customers also bring their suggestions to me, and I enjoy hearing their perspective and learning the many different angles from which schools look at situations.

School memory: My sophomore year in high school, I got nicknamed “pirateless” Petitte because out of all the new band uniforms we got, mine was the only one missing a pirate logo on the sleeve.

Tyler Hostetler


As a member of the NaviGate development team, I work to create, implement and maintain software solutions for our customers. This involves working closely with the other developers to spec out project requirements and then working together to code a solution. I also help configure and maintain our server infrastructure. I enjoy the satisfaction of creating something that not only works, but can also help people.

School memory: While I was on the golf team, we thought it might be a bright idea to fit five guys on one golf cart. The end result was a destroyed golf cart, some bruises and scratches, and a whole year of walking 18 holes.

Todd Stanley


As a programmer, I enjoy developing and improving the NaviGate Prepared product. Working on this system provides many opportunities to solve complex problems and create usable solutions.

School memory: I am pretty indifferent to my school years, but I do remember enjoying interacting with teachers who created a fun environment.

Spencer Stanley

Programmer Intern

My job entails creating and editing code throughout the NaviGate Prepared software. I enjoy programming and working on this system has been great experience.

School memory: In my school days, I enjoyed singing in the Dover High School (Ohio) choir. Many of the friends I have made in school came from the choir, and I was also introduced to other singing ensembles.

Lori Gregg

Programmer Intern

At NaviGate Prepared I work on updating code throughout the NaviGate website, and sometimes I get to create something new! My favorite part about working at NaviGate (besides programming, of course) is the great work environment and amazing snack drawer. Last summer was my first opportunity to intern here at NaviGate Prepared. During the school year I attend The University of Akron. This fall will be my fifth year in college and I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems – Programming.

School Memory: When I was in fifth grade there was a tournament style competition called The Battle of the Books. Each team had three members and my teammates were also my best friends. Everyone was allowed to come up with a team name. My group decided on the name “Champions of the Future” because we all loved reading and thought winning would be easy. However, when it came right down to it we only came in second! Even so, it was a lot of fun and a great memory.

Ulla Ress

Social Media Coordinator

Social media provides a window to what’s going on in the world every second of every day. For NaviGate, it provides me with a platform to interact with our followers to discuss and promote school safety awareness. I love having the world at my fingertips and sharing it with others – the good, the bad and the really funny.

School memory: My Christmas gift when I was in 6th grade was a pair of cross country skis. After a snow storm I insisted on skiing to school – 3 miles across open fields in the pitch-dark, early-morning hours. I was completely drenched when I finally arrived. I probably could have walked it faster, but I’ll never forget those skis up against the wall in the back of the class room! Rode the bus home, skis in tow…

Allyson Jones

Marketing Intern

As a marketing intern at NaviGate Prepared, I work on many different projects focused on communicating with our customers. These projects include coming up with challenges and contests for our advocates in Camp NaviGate, working on blog posts, and more. I have been an intern at NaviGate Prepared since December 2016, and I have enjoyed working with a product that makes a difference in schools. When I am not here, I am studying business at The Ohio State University where I am specializing in marketing.

School Memory: I had the good fortune of having my dad as my middle school principal. On the first day of 8th grade, he sat us all down in the gym for our grade level meeting. He liked to start every meeting by announcing, “I want your eyes on me and mouths closed” to get everyone’s attention. However, this time he yelled, “I want your mouths on me and eyes closed!” I immediately heard all 250 of my peers giggling, and I was mortified. Thanks, Dad.

Jordan Pope

OnSite Specialist

My job as an OnSite Specialist is to implement the NaviGate Prepared security software to help first responders navigate a school’s campus. I update floor plans digitally to show icons like fire pulls, fire extinguishers, cameras etc. as well as take images of all areas to show a visual layout. I enjoy working with school administrators to help make their campuses safer and seeing first-hand how the work I do contributes.

School memory: I was so nervous taking the ACT that when I filled out the information section, I put my first and last name in opposite spots. So when I got my results, I had to retake the ACT because my name didn’t match my social security number. It was embarrassing.

Drew Jones

OnSite Specialist

School Memory: When I was in fourth grade, Dover Avenue Elementary had a track and field day for the entire school. Our class won the big tug-of-war battle taking home first place. All of Mrs. McGary’s class celebrated as if the Cleveland Browns just won the Super Bowl.

In the News

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Communities want to know how schools are preparing staff and students for emergencies. NaviGate Prepared customers are proud to share their school safety initiatives.


NaviGate Prepared Offers Free Safety Plan Wizard to All K-12 Tennessee Schools


NaviGate Prepared is offering its customized Safety Plan Wizard, free of charge, to help Tennessee schools implement the new state-recommended safety plan.



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