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Video Scenarios Now Available


Post updated May 9, 2018

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Professionally developed by Safe Havens International, we are thrilled to offer the Video Scenario bundle to accompany your existing text and audio scenarios. Safe Havens International is the world’s leading international non-profit campus safety center. You know their executive director, Mike Dorn who leads our Safety Summit workshops!

In addition to the 18 video scenarios, the bundle includes a discussion guide for each video as well as training videos for facilitators and staff. Together, these tools are available from Safe Havens International for $499, but along with your NaviGate Prepared license, we are able to offer the video scenario bundle for a one-time cost of only $349!

Bundle Update

The bundle now includes 16 Transportation Video Scenarios. From an angry parent at the bus stop to a hostage situation on a bus, the transportation scenarios cover a wide breadth of safety issues. Now, get a total of 34 video scenarios for the one-time cost of only $349. If you already have the bundle, the transportation video scenarios are automatically included!

Powerful Video

Using scenarios to initiate a drill or a table top discussion gives it context. Rather than simply announcing a lockdown drill over the PA system, scenarios give staff a specific situation to react to and give administrators the opportunity to assess those reactions. Utilizing the text and audio scenarios located in the Drill Logs module of NaviGate Prepared engages participants in a real situation and minimizes the opportunity to simply go through the motions of a drill.

Video scenarios provide the same opportunity, but bring even more realism through professionally scripted scenarios depicted in live action. They are brief, powerful and realistic situations that could occur in any school building, any day.

Scenario Tools Build Confidence

Available on your mobile devices and desktop, video scenarios and their accompanying discussion guides offer a new opportunity to help build confidence in your staff to effectively respond to any situation.

Download the flyer for more information and contact us today to activate the video scenario bundle on your NaviGate Prepared portal.


2 thoughts on “Video Scenarios Now Available”

  1. We would like to purchase the 34 video bundle along with perhaps purchasing guidance to develop our school/district wide emergency plan etc. Can we get the video bundle by August 5th if we pay now?

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