May 7, 2018

Anthony Huey Provides the Formula for Successful Crisis Communication

By Shannon Zaher

It is important to us to share valuable resources with schools, especially relating to emergency preparedness and safety. Which is why we are so excited to share Anthony Huey and the fantastic work he does helping schools with crisis communication.

Last week, we sponsored Anthony to speak at an event hosted by Kings Local School District in Mason, Ohio. The event was extremely well-attended and Anthony shared a wealth of information, from the importance of and steps to developing a crisis communication plan to key techniques when communicating with the media (and parents, staff, board members, etc) during and after an emergency or crisis.

Valuable Take-aways

As a professional communicator, Anthony practices what he preaches! His style is engaging, approachable, fun and memorable. In a time when our own attention span resembles that of a goldfish, Anthony not only captivates the audience, but he teaches you how to do the same.

We are thrilled to be bringing Anthony to our 2nd Annual Summer Academy & Conference and know schools will benefit substantially from his message and actionable insights.

By the Time You Hear the Thunder, It’s Too Late to Build the Ark

That is one of Anthony’s sayings and truer words were never spoken! You can learn more about Anthony on his website. For example, his career includes tenures as a news reporter, magazine senior editor, crisis management specialist, media relations consultant and executive speech coach.

Also, be sure to visit the “Tips & Information” section for valuable FREE resources.

Have you been to one of Anthony’s seminars or workshops? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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Alexander Garey

I haven’t been to one of his workshops but it sounds intriguing. I like his quote as well. It is quite true.

Chad Leggett

As part of the Technology Department we often have to do things before we hear the thunder. The tech world moves pretty fast so we need to stay on top of things. The safety game is the same way. Plan head, get ready, then react. Panic is not an option.

Eric Hall

Communication needs to be clear, timely and understood. Identify means to communicate radio, PA etc. and have back up plan. If message is not heard, received or understood, that is when chaos happens.

Jason G

I have not been to his workshop. Sounds like it would be good though. Quote is on point!

Communication is KEY! Communication needs to be clear, timely and understood. As a campus, we use Voxer.

We definitely need to work on our communication! We also need to remember we are one team! I love the quote ‘By the Time You Hear the Thunder, It’s Too Late to Build the Ark’

Real practice and operating as a real crisis with staff is important. If everyone takes their drills as a learning tool, they will not panic nor show fear with their students when leading them through a crisis.

Melissa M.

Enjoyed Anthony’s presentation at the Summer Safety Academy! The pointers about information perception will be invaluable tools going forward.

Have not been to one of Anthony’s talks, but I see the value that he brings. I especially like his quote about building the ark after the thunder. Preventative measures can help you stay afloat and afford you the opportunity to work a safety issue when it arrises as opposed to just reacting in chaos.