September 24, 2019

Announcing Our Partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates

By NaviGate Prepared

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates. Together we strive to help schools operationalize the threat management process via our secure cloud-based technology and a consistent, research-based methodology.

SIGMA’s experts have decades of experience assessing and managing thousands of cases involving threats and other potentially dangerous behavior. SIGMA’s experts gained their threat assessment experience through careers in federal, state, and local law enforcement, education, criminal justice, mental health, and the law. The work of SIGMA team members in threat assessment research and practice is referenced throughout several U.S. national standards and federal guides and has helped to define leading practices in behavioral threat assessment and threat management.

According to SIGMA CEO, Dr. Marisa Randazzo, “This partnership fulfills our passion to help schools connect the dots when it comes to concerning and aberrant student behavior. Leveraging technology in the right way, such as removing silos, providing visibility and streamlining processes, gives threat assessment teams the ability to focus on the student and create a positive, supportive plan to guide the student in a better direction.”

We launched  Behavioral Threat Assessment in April 2019 and it is gaining traction in schools throughout the country, especially in Texas, Ohio, Colorado, Kentucky and New Jersey. Our software platform is designed to guide and support threat assessment teams as schools work to create cultures of safety, respect and emotional support.

This partnership with SIGMA Threat Management Associates gives schools a standard process for conducting threat assessments and a secure, cloud-based environment to manage their program. Storing and tracking information in one central location gives the threat assessment team a holistic view of each assessment rather than siloed and fragmented snippets.

“Our work with SIGMA is resulting in a robust tool that gives threat assessment teams more confidence in their processes, regardless of their experience level,” states Thom Jones, General Manager, “What’s more, the synergy of technology, expertise and training we are offering is where schools can absolutely win in their efforts to prevent targeted violence.”

About SIGMA Threat Management Associates

SIGMA Threat Management Associates is a team of leading experts in behavioral threat assessment and threat management.  The company provides threat assessment and violence prevention services to businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, military units, law enforcement and security professionals, and prominent individuals and family offices. SIGMA training teaches the federal model for school threat assessment developed by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education (which SIGMA team members co-authored).  This model has been used as a foundation for successful threat assessment programs in schools, colleges, and corporations across the country. This federal threat assessment model is now recommended in the federal emergency planning guides for schools, for colleges and universities, and for houses of worship. For more information, visit

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