December 1, 2017

A Powerful Team in School Safety

By Shannon Zaher

Safe and Sound Schools’ Quest to Prevent Tragedy

Safe and Sound Schools: A Sandy Hook Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by parents, Michele Gay, Executive Director and Co-Founder, and Alissa Parker, Co-Founder, who lost children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The organization aims to empower local communities and districts to improve school safety and security through meaningful discussions, collaboration, planning, and sharing of tools and resources. Their quest is to search for tools, techniques and technologies that will prevent the same type of event from ever recurring.

Since its founding, the organization has grown to a national network of school communities and safety experts and professionals. Michele and Alissa spread their message across the world providing school communities with resources and tools needed to maintain a safe and secure environment for our children to learn. Their website provides free valuable school safety resources to help facilitate conversations, problem solving and partnerships in school communities.

Working Together to Create a Community of Safety

We sponsor these important speaking sessions all over the U.S. at schools, associations and conferences, to give administrators and first responders access to resources and perspectives surrounding school safety. Together, our organizations work to help other schools proactively address safety issues and offer actionable solutions from lessons learned.

“Michele and Alissa deliver a message that is both empowering and educational in providing schools with great resources that they can implement into their school’s emergency plan immediately, ” says Thom Jones, General Manager. “The actionable information Safe and Sound Schools provides is critical and relevant to all school safety stakeholders. Together we’re making our schools safer and creating a community that recognizes student safety as a top priority.”

About Michele Gay

Michele Gay is a mother, former teacher, and now one of the founders of Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative. After losing her daughter, Josephine Grace, on December 14, 2012, she chose to take action as an advocate for improved school security and safety in our nation’s schools.

Michele’s background as a teacher and involved parent, along with her personal loss and post-tragedy perspective, uniquely position her to help school communities prevent tragedy, and better prepare and respond in the event of an emergency in their own schools.

About Alissa Parker

Alissa is the mother of Emilie Parker, one of the 20 children who died tragically in the Sandy Hook School Shootings on December 14, 2012.  In the wake of the tragedy, Alissa was moved to engage parents in securing the safety of their children’s school. She became an active member of the Newtown Public Schools’ Safety Committee.  She has become passionate about school security and safety, speaking, traveling, listening and learning in school communities across the United States.

About Safe and Sound Schools

Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative is non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Sandy Hook parents devoted to educating and empowering school communities to improve school safety. The organization’s mission is built on three foundational components: to empower communities to improve school safety and security through discussion, collaboration, planning and sharing of information, tools and resources; to unite the national school community through a purely nonpartisan, grassroots approach to problem solving; and, to provide school communities a platform for building local and national partnerships between parents, educators, students, safety and security experts, first responders and community members in order to maintain safe and secure schools.

See other school safety experts that NaviGate Prepared works with to provide districts with safety resources to enhance their school safety goals.

Upcoming Sponsored Speaking Events

Michele Gay – A Parent’s Perspective | Cincinnati Diocese, Ohio
February 21

Michele Gay – A Parent’s Perspective | Covington Diocese, Kentucky
February 22

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Working together is huge in all areas of life – no less in School Safety. Knowing how to partner with the right people at the right times develops trust and ultimately saves lives. My own passion for School safety rose another level hearing from Michelle Gay at a NaviGate Prepared. Hearing her own personal testimony as a parent losing a child and seeing the positive drive she has, inspired me to find other like minded people and open dialogue to partner more effectively for our kids.

I am glad to see our local first responders getting into Navigate and learning the system and they see the value of what we are doing to help our schools and the people who serve them. We cannot work in isolation and when everyone is vigilant and aware of their surroundings this helps increase our level of security and hopefully can prevent an incident.