August 6, 2019

Revamp for Us – Success for You!

By Emily Davis and Ally Jones

It is always our goal to help you get the most from your Emergency Preparedness and Threat Assessment tools as possible. This is why we recently made some organizational changes and welcomed new members to our Customer Success team. With this, we are now able to bring our customers more specialized care as each team member is better able to focus on specific aspects of the customer’s success journey. We are thrilled to have such a strong team with which we can leverage their individual strengths to improve our processes and better help our customers along the way.

Meet our Team

Emily Davis

Customer Success Manager

We are so happy to have Emily on board to support our customers and our team. Emily comes to us with vast experience in supporting customer success teams, and she is passionate about being in this role to help customers old and new create cultures of safety.

Kara German

Customer Success Specialist – TX and Midwest

Support Channel Optimization & Documentation Wizard

Kara German is looking for bigger and better ways to get you the help you need, when you need it. She has implemented a new Zendesk workflow so you can see real-time updates on your technical and product support questions. Kara is also working on support documentation and new and better ways to get information to users.

Trevor Petitte

Customer Success Specialist – CA and West Coast

Webinar Producer & Customer Feedback Loop Coordinator

Trevor Petitte is revamping our webinar content as well as the look and feel of them – getting ready for the 2019-2020 school year.

Webinars to look for:

  • Back to School Series – revisit the key functions of your NaviGate Prepared website and app so you can enter the new school year ready to go
  • Best Practices Series –follow up the back to school series with tips and tricks that our most successful schools use
  • Deep Dive with Dan – “How-to” focused content for a deep dive into setting up and using NaviGate Prepared
  • Campfire Chats – interviews with some of the heaviest hitters in the K-12 safety and security world.  Learn from those that have lived it!
  • And plenty more to come!

Dan Leakey

Customer Success Specialist – NY, PA, and East Coast

Dedicated Training and Coaching

Dan Leakey has been traveling the East Coast this summer offering training and support.  As our training and coaching expert, he is retooling our one-on-one and group training session to align with the ever-changing school safety climate.

Eric Wittig

Customer Success Specialist – Threat Assessment – All U.S.

Threat Assessment Process Consultant & Team Analyst

Our newest member of the team, who joins us from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, is specializing in the Threat Assessment product.  Having worked in many different capacities in the school safety and security world, including receiving and responding to threats reported through the state tip line, Eric is focusing on helping schools operationalize the Threat Assessment processes with our new software.  He is also our customer success analyst, providing a data-forward approach to the support we offer our customers.  We are very excited to have him onboard!

Additionally, as we work to effectively build our Threat Assessment operational processes, the whole team spent time in D.C. in early August for in-depth training with Dr. Marisa Randazzo and SIGMA Threat Management Associates.

With our new organization in tow, our customer success team looks forward to continuing to serving you, and would like to leave you with this:

“Our mission is to help customers build a climate of school safety in the real world by creating an online safety environment that they can rely on, with sincerity and pride.”

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Daryl Miller

How do we know who to contact as our Customer Success Specialist

Mark Gronemeyer

We have been dealing with Trevor but I see that according to the information above, Kara German is our customer service representative. Do I contact her for webinars, etc.?