July 15, 2019

SRP & Flipcharts… A Perfect Match

Recently our team had the privilege of listening to John-Michael Keyes, Executive Director of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, talk about his own experience with school-based violence and how he has turned tragedy into a commitment to school and community safety. His team has developed a powerful, yet simple protocol, Standard Response Protocol, that schools can use to empower staff and students in a crisis.  We walked away from the presentation wondering how we could share this information with schools using NaviGate Prepared and help them build and share these concepts within their communities, and we found a perfect home for the Standard Response Protocol in our Flipcharts.

Most schools develop detailed emergency plans that meet state requirements and outline responses to situations that schools may face, but how do we ensure all our staff can quickly act in a crisis to protect themselves and students?  The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation takes concepts honed and standardized by first responders and formats them for an educational setting.  SRP’s simple to learn structure means it is easy to incorporate into school drills, further increasing staff readiness.  SRP shifts the focus of crisis management from the scenario to response. The 5 responses are


“Get Inside. Lock Outside Doors” – safeguard students and staff inside the building


“Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” – secure rooms and keep students in place


Followed by a given location – Moves students and staff from one location to another inside or outside of the building


Followed by a type and a method – used for self and group protection


In your classroom – called when hallways need to be kept clear even during times of class changes

By simplifying actions to 5 responses that can be used in any situation staff are able to act quickly in a crisis. But how can we easily share things like SRP with our school community?

Digital Flipcharts in the App are an excellent way for schools to store and share information like SRP with all their staff members.  Through digital flipcharts, administrators can build confidence by placing SRP terminology and processes in the hands of every staff member.  NaviGate Flipcharts are a highly customizable platform, allowing administrators to manage emergency contact information or off-site evacuation information in addition to SRP concepts. Additionally, mobile users can dial-out from contacts in the flipchart.

So, how do we build the Standard Response Protocol (or any content) into a Flipchart?  From the Flipcharts module, add a new flipchart and create a tab for each response – then simply copy and paste text from https://iloveuguys.org/srp.html into the tabs. 

Once you’ve built your flipcharts, you can add in any information or contacts specific to your school and publish the content digitally with staff through the App as well as print physical copies if you would like.

We will also be adding the I Love U Guys SRP icons as options in our Respond application, allowing schools to further integrate their drills and crisis responses with the foundation’s concepts.  Our end goal is to ensure schools and districts using the software can implement the Standard Response Protocol quickly and easily in their educational communities.  These are important, easy to understand concepts applicable to students, staff, teachers, and first responders that, when practiced, can make all the difference during an emergency.

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