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Discover How to Improve School Safety Utilizing Technology

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Safety Software

Stop Wasting Time on School Drills!

With limited time in the day, administrators need simple tips and tools to make school safety drills more effective. Learn from safety experts and NaviGate Prepared how to make the most of school drills.

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Safety News

Empowering schools to account for students by name during safety drills or emergencies

NaviGate Prepared has partnered with Clever to make it even simpler and more secure for schools and districts to use its school safety application.

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Get an inside look at what it takes to be better prepared to manage your school’s safety planning as well as the specific ways NaviGate Prepared makes it simpler - and just overall better.

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Turning Chaos into Readiness

Hear from our very own, Chris Porter as he shares the value a bit of chaos can bring to your emergency preparedness

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Safety Events

Safety Academy Helps Schools Build Confidence in Safety & Preparedness

The 2nd Annual Safety Academy & Conference brought a variety of school safety experts, leading administrators and SROs to share their insights and experiences with schools from across the country. Get a glimpse of sessions and content shared over the 2-day event.

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Reunification Exercised

Practicing Reunification can be a daunting task, so we collaborated with Chagrin Falls for a reunification exercise...everyone learned a lot!

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Creating Safer Schools Regardless of Unique Challenges

Kevin Vargyas, Associate Principal at Cuyahoga Falls High School, shares how he has responded to the unique school safety challenges that he faces within his building. Read how he has put new procedures into place to keep his students safe.

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