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Exchanging Thoughts on School Safety


In September, Ohio Governor John Kasich distributed a traditional survey to schools in our state looking for feedback on school safety and security. Inspired by this, we leveraged ThoughtExchange, an online engagement platform to continue this important dialogue in a way that provides everyone with a transparent exchange of ideas.

What is a “ThoughtExchange?”

If you’re not familiar with ThoughtExchange, the platform allows us to create one, open-ended question and invite folks to participate by responding to the question, anonymously. When you enter the site, you can see the thoughts of others, rate their thoughts and add your own thoughts. As time goes on (our event lasted one week), you return to the site, rate the new thoughts and see how others are rating the thoughts. So, unlike a traditional survey, you can see and interact with the thoughts of your peers. You can see how some ideas gain momentum with many high ratings and how others might be more controversial. Participants gain considerable value with this type of an exchange. Many of you are already using ThoughtExchange with your staff and communities. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the ThoughtExchange website.

What did we ask?

Back to the Ohio school safety event. Our question was, “As we all work together in Ohio to improve school safety, what is currently working well and what concerns do you have?” This exchange resulted in 69 thoughts and more than 1700 ratings on those thoughts! In addition to sharing the results with all those who were invited to participate, we are also sharing them with Ohio Homeland Security as a supplement to Gov Kasich’s survey.

Since the topic is prevalent across the country, it seems fitting we share the results with everyone! We also want to familiarize you with ThoughtExchange so when we ask you to participate in one, you are excited and ready to share your thoughts!

Report, please!

Ready for the report – just click here to download.

Please…share your thoughts below about the report or about the topic!


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