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Empowering schools to account for students by name during safety drills or emergencies


Safety technology company, NaviGate Prepared, has partnered with Clever to make it even simpler and more secure for schools and districts to use its school safety application.

Clever is the platform that powers technology in the classroom. More than one in three K-12 schools and 225 apps connect on Clever to automate data integrations with online learning apps and simplify the login process for students and teachers. Administrators and educators can select the student data they wish to transfer, and Clever ensures it is securely encrypted to every application.

NaviGate Respond, launched by NaviGate Prepared in 2015, is a K-12 mobile safety app designed to help ensure students are accounted for quickly during an emergency. Available on administrator, teacher and staff mobile devices, the app features a user-friendly dashboard that provides personnel the ability to instantly view building and class roster information that is synced with the school’s Student Information System (SIS).

Personnel can reference the total number of students enrolled in the school or in each class, rosters for individual classes and a breakdown of which students, by name, are unaccounted for within the building, as well as within each class. Knowing exactly who is unaccounted for gives administrators and first responders valuable information and streamlines emergency efforts.

The partnership between NaviGate Prepared and Clever gives schools the ability to seamlessly sync their SIS with the NaviGate Respond app.

“Navigate Prepared offers a great example of how innovation in education technology goes far beyond learning applications,” said Dan Carroll, co-founder and chief product officer at Clever. “We’re excited to have Navigate Prepared on the Clever platform and to partner with the company to create safe and secure learning environments for all K-12 students.”

About Clever

Clever was founded in 2012 by educators and technologists who knew that widely available educational apps could improve both teaching and learning, but that tools to deploy and secure the applications were unavailable. Today, one in three K-12 schools in the U.S. trust Clever to secure their student data as they adopt learning apps in the classroom. In 2014, Clever won the Crystal Clear award by the Digital Innovation Learning Awards. It is also the provider of the American Federation of Teachers. For more information, visithttp://www.clever.com.

About NaviGate Prepared

NaviGate Prepared is a proven school safety emergency response system designed to assist and prepare school officials and first responders for crisis situations. The secure, cloud-based platform offers emergency personnel real-time Internet access of a school’s facility and safety information. NaviGate Prepared is a two-time recipient of the Campus Safety BEST Award. It is SAFETY Act Designated as an anti-terrorism-level technology by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For more information, visit www.NaviGatePrepared.com

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