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Tennessee Safety Drill Logs – Making it Easy


Tennessee schools falling short when conducting and logging school safety drills


WJHL’s News Channel 11 conducted a report identifying dozens of schools failing to conduct and report state-mandated school safety drills. Their investigation found school districts throughout Northeast Tennessee broke state laws and were in violation of district policies.

Is your school district in jeopardy of ending up on the news?

Not if you leverage the tools that already exist within NaviGate Prepared. Last summer, in partnership with Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS), NaviGate Prepared donated their Safety Plan Wizard to every school district in the state of Tennessee. During the week of February 23, Thom Jones, general manager of NaviGate Prepared, conducted in-depth training workshops across the state to assist schools in creating state-compliant safety plans.

“The full version of our software contains, among other critical safety tools, a drill log module that will completely eliminate the safety drill problems plaguing Tennessee schools,” states Mr. Jones.

Highlighted within WJHL’s news story, Carter County Director of Schools Dr. Kevin Ward raised specific concerns with monitoring safety drills throughout his school district:

Dr. Ward: “There may have been some drills that may have been forgotten.”
NaviGate Prepared: Never forget again! Schedule all safety drills for the entire school year and send automatic email reminders to staff and first responders.

Dr. Ward: “I have not been there every month to check and see (if drills were being conducted and logged).”
NaviGate Prepared: No need. Monitor the drill logs of every school building in the district right from your desktop, 24/7. Complete transparency, complete visibility.

Dr. Ward: “I do know we have a documentation problem.”
NaviGate Prepared: Drills are logged and stored in one secure, central location. You can even post them directly to a school or district website with one click.


News Channel 11 put together a map that shows Northeast Schools and how they measure up to their review. Explore the interactive map below for details.

Safety Drill Problem

Watch the in-depth investigation News Channel 11 conducted on Northeast schools failing to comply with state laws on school safety drills.

Let’s turn this story around!

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