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Safety Events

Safety Summit Workshops Provide Expert Insights to Enhance School Safety



Safety Summit Workshops

NaviGate Prepared brings Safety Summit Workshops to schools across the country providing expert insight to develop, test and document safe and effective school emergency operations. These engaging events are led by Michael Dorn, Executive Director, Safe Havens International, who promotes a broad view of improving school safety and enhancing preparedness.

He challenges educators and first responders to look at varied aspects of safety from building design, to bullying prevention, to security technologies. It’s his unique insights and experience that makes him such a valuable resource for schools to learn how to enhance their school safety efforts.

Put Your Plan to the Test

During the Safety Summit workshops, Mr. Dorn demonstrates the importance of using scenario-based training to prepare for a range of incidents. This method allows administrators to test the fidelity of their plan and see how staff members apply emergency procedures under stressful scenarios.

Drill scenario simulations conducted by Mr. Dorn at schools around the nation show that most school employees unfamiliar with this practice miss at least one critical action step per scenario, such as initiating an evacuation, calling the main office or dialing 911.

According to Mr. Dorn, “Drills can show us if the procedures listed on paper in our safety plan hold true during an actual emergency.” He continues, “This can be a real problem if we’re using cookie-cutter plans or overly simplified plans. The plan doesn’t work and we may not discover this until it’s too late.”

Put Your Learning into Action

Through a progressive and relevant series of exercises, Safety Summit workshop attendees will discover how tools like NaviGate Prepared can support school safety goals. The agenda also includes round table discussions moderated by Mr. Dorn and Thom Jones, General Manager of NaviGate Prepared where they share leading school safety practices.

NaviGate Prepared created Safety Summit Workshops to give administrators and first responders access to critical safety insights they can take back to their districts and put into action.

According to Thom Jones, “I love seeing how audiences react during Michael’s presentations. He is a tremendously dynamic speaker. The depth of his knowledge and experience is unparalleled.” Mr. Jones continues, “I am thrilled we are able to bring this level of school safety knowledge to so many administrators and first responders.”

Workshop Agenda

While some locations may vary, the agenda typically follows this format:

8:30 – Registration & continental breakfast
9:00 – “Know the Drill – Safe and Effective School Emergency Operations Exercises” with Michael Dorn
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – NaviGate Prepared & Round Table Discussions
2:00 – Closing Remarks

About Michael Dorn – School Safety Expert

Michael Dorn has authored and co-authored 26 books on school safety. He keynotes hundreds of state, national and international conferences and his expertise is routinely utilized by many organizations including the FBI, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and dozens of state police, emergency management agencies and departments of education. He has completed more than 3,000 classroom hours of formal law enforcement, fire service and emergency management training. Mr. Dorn has provided oversight for more than 6,000 K12 school security assessments all over the world.


Upcoming Safety Summit Workshops

Spring ISD, Texas
February 15
Download Flyer | Register Here

Northwest ISD, Texas
February 16
Download Flyer | Register Here

Albany, New York
February 28
Download Flyer | Register Here

Onondaga, New York
March 1
Download Flyer | Register Here

West Tennessee
March 6
Download Flyer | Register Here

Middle Tennessee
March 7
Download Flyer | Register Here

East Tennessee
March 8
Download Flyer | Register Here



“School safety is always a top priority for us so we greatly appreciated this opportunity to learn new ways to mitigate risks, prepare our staff and students to respond appropriately in an emergency and implement proven safety methods throughout our schools.”

David Pitcher
Director of Facilities


“We are excited to bring the Safety Summit Workshops to Texas,” says Darryl Simon, Director of Safety & Risk Management, Spring ISD. Darryl adds, “It is a honor to host this dynamic and informative event in Texas to share innovations, create open discussions and provide solutions around school safety. We are grateful to NaviGate Prepared for sponsoring this important workshop and bringing renowned safety expert, Michael Dorn, so that Texas school districts can take advantage of the valuable insights provided at this important event.”

Darryl Simon
Director of Safety & Risk Management
Spring ISD

Learn how NaviGate Prepared and another outstanding organization, Safe and Sound Schools, work together providing schools with resources, tools and perspectives to enhance school safety.

Download the whitepaper, “Improving School Safety with Enhanced Drills” for more drill insights.

6 thoughts on “Safety Summit Workshops Provide Expert Insights to Enhance School Safety”

  1. I have registered for the workshop on February 15 at Spring ISD in Houston. However no directions were given on how to get to the venue.

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks for reaching out. The location of the Spring ISD Safety Summit is Spring ISD Transportation Center, 341 E. Richey Road, Houston TX 77073. I will contact TASA and ensure they include this information on their registration page. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Shandra! We don’t have any Safety Summits scheduled in Ohio this winter. We had quite a few in 2017…so sorry we missed you. Stay tuned, though. Thanks for asking.

  2. I haven’t been able to attend any workshop but will have the opportunity to attend a two day training next week! I am looking forward to learning, and getting hands on training!

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