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Get the full picture with our new OnSite camera!


The OnSite team is proud to introduce their tiny, powerful, high quality, lightweight bundle of joy! Welcome little 360 camera to the world of school safety. Like many high-tech devices the capabilities of this camera grow, quality improves and size shrinks. And, like many technology-based companies, we are always on the lookout for better technology options.

They’ll need to find a new workout

The OnSite team was used to building upper body strength by lugging around our previous camera along with its heavy-duty tri-pod and hard-shell carrying case. Through airports, in and out of vehicles, through every room in the school they hauled over¬†25 pounds of equipment. Now it’s a mere 3 pounds, all in! With such a significant reduction in weight, the process of moving from room to room is quicker and the costs of checking it through the airline are eliminated. All the components can easily fit into a backpack.

The sleeker design means fewer parts and that means fewer possible points of failure, too. Likewise, the training on this camera is much simpler so new team members can get up to speed quickly and cross train to fill multiple roles.

“Our guys definitely appreciate the ease of getting around with the new camera,” says Dan Hurst, OnSite manager. “It’s fast, lightweight and fits into tighter spaces giving us the ability to capture more views.”

Side by side


But, not everyone is impressed

From a quality perspective, the new camera system offers significant benefits, including:

  • Higher image resolutions
  • True 360 image – the previous model did not include the very top and bottom
  • Processing speed is faster

This is definitely a welcomed addition to the OnSite process. According to Matt Mastroine, director of development, “We’ve been watching this technology evolve and are excited to put it into the field.”

“There is one drawback, however,” Hurst shares, “The kids don’t think this camera is as cool-looking as our previous model! Now it just looks like a phone or ipod and they’re completely unimpressed.”

Oh well, we can’t win them all!




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