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St. Albert the Great School

Of all the school safety technology, the NaviGate products are among the best of the best. From the way they prepare us for emergency situations to...

Edward Vittardi


St. Albert the Great School

“Of all the school safety technology out there, the NaviGate products are among the best of the best. From the way they prepare us for emergency situations to the assurance they deliver in relation to crisis response, they are simply invaluable.” “For more than 50 years, St. Albert the Great has touted a reputation that promotes academic excellence, strong moral values and dedicated service to both Church and community; however, an underlying theme in all that this school is founded on and all that it represents, is school safety. By implementing this technology, we are taking an added step to ensure a safe and secure learning environment so if a crisis were to occur, we know our administrators, staff and first responders would be ready.”

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