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Timmy Touts the Value of Virtual School Safety System

Timmy recites the line just before he tosses a hefty 3-ring binder into the air and onto a potential threat lurking about his school. He is referring to the fact that in an emergency, his school administrators won’t need to go looking for big bulky binders to know how to act or respond, as they will have the information they need at their fingertips within NaviGate Prepared’s Virtual Binders feature.

Timmy is later joined by one of his teachers, Ms. Jane; Mr. Simmons, his school district’s Superintendent; and Officer Willis, of the local Police Department, who each point out various additional benefits of the NaviGate Prepared technology – including: NaviGate’s Flipcharts and Drill Logs features, Safety Plan Wizard, Maps & Floor Plans, and more!

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Timmy Touts the Value of Virtual School Safety System

Take a fun walk-through with Timmy, an elementary-school student and host of NaviGate Prepared’s latest overview video.



“NaviGate Prepared is a natural extension of the safety and compliance services we offer."

David Pitcher Director of Facilities, TST BOCES

North Royalton City Schools

It delivers great ease to the planning and reporting of our drills and offers superior functionality...

Greg Gurka Superintendent, North Royalton City Schools

Kings Local School District

There is really no question that Lauren Innovations has hit a grand slam with its Flipcharts app.

Steve Waldmann Manager of School Business Affairs, Kings Local School District

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