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Our Update – Your Benefit


We are excited to announce the recent completion of a major transition of our server environment to the AWS Cloud. You are now able to take advantage of numerous benefits due to the upgrade of our system from physical servers to a virtual environment, including:

Simplifying Scalability

The instantaneous addition of servers makes the system more agile and conducive to the needs of our customers.

Enhancing Security

On top of our standard safety measures, the virtual environment has been built in entirety with the assistance of third-party consultants with security in mind.

Side note: Because our server infrastructure runs on a Linux-based operating system, it is not susceptible to the same ransomware attacks as other systems. For instance, the recent ransomware attack known as “WannaCry” did not affect NaviGate. Furthermore, we keep our servers up-to-date with security patches and block unnecessary traffic through our firewall, thus significantly limiting our exposure. The virtual environment will add to these layers of protection and security.

Improving Backup and Redundancy

The new virtual environment has multiple servers across multiple availability zones constantly load balanced, allowing any server to fail without impacting our service to customers.

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