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Safety Software

Safety Software for School Emergency Preparedness

Safe Students, Safe Futures.

Navigate Prepared® moves school districts to the forefront of emergency preparedness. Protect your students in the present so you can focus on preparing them for the future.

... There are those few things that can make a real difference. We believe NaviGate Prepared is one of those things.

Orvis Campbell

Chief Deputy,

Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office

NaviGate Prepared Safety Software Features

We offer a secure, centralized system for developing, managing, accessing and implementing your school district’s safety plan. One-click access for emergency responders, smartphone apps for staff and push management for administrators keeps all personnel on the same page (so to speak, of course).

Safety Plans

We make it simpler to create a state-specific school safety plan, removing the headache of navigating a confusing 90+ page document. Be confident your school is compliant and your staff is prepared.

  • Access the plan anywhere from a secure, cloud-based environment
  • Create a compliant plan based on FEMA or state requirements with our Safety Plan Wizard
  • Make changes and manage updates simply
  • Push updates out to all users immediately
  • Break out emergency procedures into organized FlipCharts
  • Download spec sheet

Virtual Binders

Do away with difficult-to-maintain, hard-copy binders in favor of cloud-based software for communicating plans, procedures and documents. Centralized version control ensures everyone has the most up-to-date information at their fingertips quickly and easily.

  • Upload current safety plans
  • Group documents by building or district
  • Organize, store and access key safety information online
  • Remove the need to maintain individual paper copies
  • Download spec sheet


Accessible via smart devices, FlipCharts provide the detailed instructions teachers and staff need to follow in any given emergency. From a fire drill to an actual bomb threat, procedures are simple to access and follow.

  • Step-by-step emergency procedures
  • Consistent, accurate information in the palm of their hand
  • Accessible with or without an internet connection once the app is downloaded
  • Download spec sheet


Account for all students by name during drills or emergencies from smart devices. Administrators can monitor attendance checks in real-time, from anywhere.

  • Automatic synchronization with Student Information Systems for access to class rosters
  • Real-time display of who is accounted for, by name, not just numbers
  • Message securely between staff and administrators
  • Alarm may be initiated by any staff member
  • Download spec sheet

Interactive Maps & Floor Plans

Enhance the preparedness of your staff and first responders with interactive floor plans showing 360 degree photos of every room, locations of life-saving equipment and fire exits, evacuation sites, staging areas and more.

  • Color code key areas and rooms
  • Indicate locations of shut-off valves and life safety items
  • Use to train staff and review emergency procedures
  • Collaborate and plan with first responders
  • Provide responders with one-click auto-login to access
  • Download spec sheet

Drill Logs

Cut down the time required to schedule and log safety drills while maintaining accountability and transparency. Not only can you log the drill once it’s complete, you can schedule, post, share and track all safety drills throughout your district right from your desktop.

  • Schedule all safety drills for the entire school year
  • Email schedule to local emergency agencies
  • Send automatic email reminders to staff
  • Log drills once complete
  • Post logs directly to the school or district website (no IT needed)
  • Monitor which schools in the district are on track, or not
  • Download spec sheet

Hassle-free on-boarding to get up and running plus tools to keep you there.

Lean on your dedicated implementation specialist for oversight and training in addition to SIS integration. Gain complete access to your How-to Guide library and free webinars to refresh your knowledge and learn about new features.

Expedite Implementation with OnSite Service

Take advantage of NaviGate Prepared’s OnSite Implementation Service to get highly detailed, interactive floor plans integrated into your system in less time, without detracting from your existing responsibilities or resources.

Our team will handle photography, 360-degree imagery and labeling so that responders can:

  • Easily locate shut off valves, life safety items and potential danger areas such as chemical storage, labs and mechanical rooms with clearly identifiable icons.
  • View interior layout of each classroom with 360 degrees of rotation and actual photographs embedded in the floor plans.
  • Identify evacuation points, room types and spaces with clear color coding.

First Responders

Real-Time Intelligence for First Responders

Amplified knowledge and real-time updates allow for enhanced dialogue between school administrators and first responders and potentially better outcomes in emergency situations.

First Responder Portal

  • Secure links to CAD or mapping software
  • One-click auto-login to safety and floor plans
  • Improved monitoring and communication capabilities

“The monitoring capabilities of NaviGate Prepared are a huge advantage for safety forces. With just a couple of clicks we can see exactly what is happening in the school and respond accordingly.”

- James Torch III, Communications Manager, Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office,


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